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Express Guide



1, declaration qualification: must be the professional custom brokers company registered by the customs, agent customs declaration enterprise and self-care customs declaration and its customs declarer.

2. Declaration time

Import goods: within 14 days when the means of transportation are declared into the country, the overdue declaration will be levied. The amount of the delinquent gold day is 5/10000 of the CIF price of the imported goods.

Export goods: declare to the customs 24 hours before loading.

3, place: Declaration of entry or exit and transit, designated
4, declaration documents:

basic documents Preparatory documents Special documents
Commercial invoice Trade contract Quota permit
Packing list Certificate of origin Import and export license
Bill of lading, waybill, parcel Certificate of origin (C/O) Import certificate of echanical and electrical products
bill of cancel after verification General benefit Certificate (F/A) Inspection, plant inspection and drug inspection
Equal test report
Tax exemption certificate Certificate of authorization

2 Inspection

1, the concept of inspection: customs inspection means that the customs check and inspect the import and export goods after receiving customs declarations, so as to determine the nature of the goods, whether the origin, the status of goods, the quantity and the price are consistent with the customs declaration.

2. The purpose of the inspection:

A, verify the consistency of the goods.

B, the discovery of unlicensed import and export issues and smuggling, violation, evasion of tax and other issues.

C, expropriation of the duty guaranteed.

3, the site for inspection: port port, station, airport, post office, or other customs supervision site.

4. The method of inspection: thorough examination, spot check and appearance inspection

3 Tax

1, import free price = (offshore price FOB+ freight + insurance + miscellaneous fee) /1 - insurance rate

2, import tariff = customs duty rate * tariff rate

Four, release: the release is the last link of the operation of the customs supervision and control.

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