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Service Introduction

DHL is the leader of global express, intercontinental transportation and air freight, and is also the world's first shipping and contract logistics provider.

DHL provides a full range of logistics solutions from file to supply chain management for customers. DHL delivers goods quickly, safely and in time around the world.

This is based on a wide network of DHL, combined with air and ground transportation to achieve optimal delivery efficiency.

On the one hand, DHL services can be extended to every corner of the world. On the other hand, DHL can set up brand image in the local market and fully understand the needs of local market and customers.

DHL can reach 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120000 destinations (the main postal code area) network, provide mail and courier services to corporate and private customers.

DHL international express, whether it is a document or package, whether it is immediate, limited or limited day delivery, DHL international express can provide services to meet your needs.

Huahan international logistics is the DHL express in the domestic level agents, reasonable price, fast delivery, is your first choice of international express service.


Reference prescription

The package is calculated from the delivery to the DHL warehouse, referring to the normal delivery time limit for 2-7 working days. The delivery prescription is closely related to the customs clearance time and flight arrangements of the destination.

Volume weight limit

The longest side of single piece is not over 1.5 meters, single piece is not over 200KG. Please consult our customer service personnel before shipment for super long and overweight single piece package.

Packing: Please note that the packing should be intact, not easily damaged, in the packaging bag outside in addition to the address label, try not to take other unrelated logo, logo for fragile fragile products the best packaging, in the middle of the parcel post positive, transport logistics system from the central print address labels, please packed in your package in order to avoid damage in transit.

service after selling goods for a stated period

The goods leave the port after the letter processing center smoothly day can be in the HKDHL query website to see the receipt record on the HKDHL website can query the tracking information, and can be found in the time of receipt and name.

For DHL, we will produce a tracking number after handling the shipment. It is normal from our department to surf the Internet within 2 working days after shipment. After the Internet, the tracking number provided by our department can be tracked as a reference information in real time. The following query methods are as follows:

1. please log in to the DHL International Express query website:

2) click on the reference information of the sender.

3., fill in the reference information column of our sender, that is, the tracking number provided by our company, and fill in the express date. From that column, click the tracking button to pull it down. The date of this column should be noted that it is earlier than the delivery time.

Item restriction

1. the dangerous goods, liquids, powder, etc. of the air embargo. The State prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, money and other infringements.

2. items that require additional information

DHL we can provide MSDS with a cost of 20 yuan / ticket

3. can't send products such as motor, engine and so on.

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投诉电话:158 8941 3078

National Service Hotline: 400-0156-080 (9:00-18:00)
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