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Service Introduction

EMS international express (Global postal express) is a special postal service set up by various countries.

EMS international express service has the right of priority in the postal, customs, aviation and other departments of the country.

It is at a high speed and high quality for the user to pass the international emergency communications, documents, financial instruments, commodities and other types of sample documents and goods, customs clearance and strong.

EMS international express is not required to add fuel surcharge.

Related tariff

1.EMS international express price

China EMS international express price query directly in the letter on the official website:

2.EMS international express surcharge

A) EMS international express handling fee

The handling fee of China's EMS (9.95 yuan / a) has been included in the freight.

B) EMS express surcharge

There are no remote areas in China's EMS express delivery, but some countries are not emmailed for example: Holland, Chile, Babado J, Ecuador, Guatemala.

3.EMS international express tariff

In the case of specific customs clearance, different countries and different products receive different standards. (generally speaking, the higher the declared value is, the higher the tariff is, if the difference between the declared value and the actual value is too large, a higher tariff will be generated).

Reference prescription

EMS international express delivery time is usually 3~8 working days, excluding customs clearance time.

(due to various countries and regions, the customs post processing of varying lengths of time, some countries of the parcel delivery time may be longer.)

service after selling goods for a stated period

If the goods are removed from the Royal logistics processing center, the goods can be on the EMS express site on the same day.

See the corresponding message:

Billing inquiries: self send within 15 days from the date of receiving the query, the query period is 1-3 months.

Volume weight limit

1, weight limit: international express mail, except for postal regulations, weighs 20 kilograms per piece. Mail with fragile items or liquid goods, 10 kilograms per piece.

2, the maximum size of the articles: the length is not more than 1050 millimeters, and the length and length of the large transverse weeks are not more than 2000 millimeters.

3, the smallest size of the product: at least one surface of the box and box is not less than 215 millimeters, the width is not less than 130 millimeters, the surface should be smooth, and the surface of corrugated cardboard should not appear.

4. If there is another provision for the weight and size limit of the international express mail, the postal service shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the mailing country post.

5. Measurement of volume weight:

A) calculate volume weight for only 60CM or more packages at any single side in the long, wide and high sides.

B) measurement of carton packaging, according to the natural outline of the longest, the most wide, the highest parts size calculation, measured by cm for the calculation of the basic unit, less than 1 cm long by 1 centimeters.

C) the formula of volume weight calculation:

Volume weight (KG) = long (CM) * width (CM) * high (CM) /8000 (CM3/KG)

D) the billing weight of the package is calculated by the actual weight of the package and the larger volume weight.

E) the 4 countries of the United States, Canada, Russia and South Korea have exceeded 40cm by /6000, and other countries are thrown over 60cm by /8000.

Item restriction

1) the national laws and regulations prohibit the circulation or delivery of goods;

2) dangerous articles such as explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic;

3) reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene articles;

4) various currencies;

5) items that are harmful to public health;

6) perishable items;

7) live animal (except to ensure the safety of packaging and delivery staff of bees, silkworms, leech);

8) improper packing, which may jeopardize personal safety, pollution or damage to other mail equipment;

9) other items that are not suitable for postage conditions.

Compensation standard

1) due to force majeure (excluding the insured mail).

2) delivery of goods prohibited or restricted in violation of regulations, the competent authorities confiscated or in accordance with the relevant regulations of processing.

3) the mail package is intact, no trace of dismantling, and the recipient has been signed in accordance with the formalities, and the recipient finds that the inner part is short or damaged.

4) the loss or delay of the mail is caused by the responsibility of the customer or the cause of the item itself.

5) from the date of the customer's self delivery of mail until the expiration of the inquiry and no claim for compensation.

6) is not responsible for any compensation provided with liquid and easily liquefied items, glass products and fragile items similar to or perishable goods package is damaged when are Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Iraq, Philippines, Sultan, Turkey, Yemen, lebanon.

7) international mail is detained, confiscated or destroyed in accordance with its domestic decrees.

The declared value of the goods mail is lost, damaged, according to the actual value of the claim, in a part of the loss and the damage of goods, according to the actual damages, but the maximum amount of compensation shall not exceed every 500+60*W (RMB); W was expressed in kilograms of integer mail weight, decimal integer into 1 kg.

If part of the loss or breakage is compensated only by the degree of loss and damage, the freight is not within the scope of the compensation.

❖The final amount of compensation is subject to the compensation amount of the post office.

User order system operation

Customers enter the system, in order management and order entry or upload documents, the order in the delivery of our state, and then hit the corresponding address label on the package, the package to our system, if sufficient balance delivery, our products have no other abnormalities, arrange the next morning sent the parcel, customers in delivery can be seen in the corresponding information.


Article description

When the name of the name is declared, the actual name and quantity should be filled in. Do not accept a gift or a sample declaration.

❖ no detailed name, post office does not accept inquiry


Declaration value

The declared value is not required. Customers can decide the amount to be filled by themselves. It is recommended to declare the value according to the actual value of the goods, so as not to generate high tariffs and fines.


Addressee address

China's EMS address should be complete, and try not to use the PO BOX mailbox address. Each package is best to fill in the receiver's contact phone for immediate delivery. Fill waybill data should be used English, do not accept the fill in other languages.

User order packaging requirements

Please note that the package should be intact and not easy to break. In addition to the address label on the outside of the bag and the related labels of the post office, try not to bring any other unrelated signs.

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