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Service Introduction

Holland Huahan logistics is small, Holland post jointly (TNT POST), launched e-commerce sellers of a European fast packet service. This service is based on Holland, which is all over Europe. Based on the Holland post network and customs clearance system, it creates high-quality regional package service: clear customs, quick delivery and excellent query.



Postal customs clearance

The general line service is cleared by the local customs clearance agent, and the stability is poor. The service is in charge of customs clearance by Holland post. It belongs to the postal clearance channel and has a good stability.

Can walk the internal electricity product

As long as you can provide complete and correct information, Holland small bags can be sent out of electric products


Heavy price advantage

In major European countries, the goods above 500g have a certain price advantage relative to the main package in the market.

Prompt delivery

The mainstream packet service in the market is generally 7-15 working days, and the Holland packet to the major European countries only takes 5-10 working days.
Price tariff
Holland packet according to a billing, customer advisory letter logistics Holland postal parcel price please login the website home page to enter the destination Huahan logistics, state, weight can query letter (hh-exp); logistics freight discount price. A large amount of customers separately!
customs, customs clearance fee: China postal parcel exit will not have duties or customs clearance fees, but may produce import tariffs in the country of destination specific imports, according to the provisions of tax law and customs of each country are different.
service after selling goods for a stated period

Holland postal packet tracking query URL:

Huahan logistics inquiries:

The parcel delivery is completed, guests can in the logistics system of "nuclear Huahan offline single" shipped "find issued orders, offline the latest state of the transport package access to the client, you can easily grasp the latest transport information of each package. And you can open a single order and see a detailed operation record.


Volume weight limit

Weight limit

The weight limit of the small parcel is 2KG;


Volume limit

Non cylindrical goods: length + width + height less than 90CM, unilateral length is less than or equal to 60CM.


Cylindrical goods

Two times the diameter of the length is less than or equal to 104CM +, unilateral length is less than or equal to 90CM.

Restricted goods

Not to send the UPU prohibited articles


Not to send the prohibited goods as stipulated by the law of the state (area);


No cargo is prohibited by airmail.


Not mailing prohibited items: facial milk, mask, etc.

Pay attention to customs clearance

It must be declared truthfully. Real declaration can guarantee fast and efficient customs clearance, otherwise it may lead to clearance delay;

The declaration is detailed. Too general declarations may lead to delays in customs clearance.
Operational requirements

1. the following labels must be on the parcel.

A) PPI: the postage payment has been paid;

B) priority mail flag: the parcel is a priority mail;

C) non contraband label: it means that the articles in the parcel are in accordance with the regulations, and the label must be yellow.

D) CN22 label: General Customs declaration form for postal customs clearance;

E) registered bar code: tracking and querying for mail;

F) mailing address: Holland return address, the message cannot be sent to this address will be;

G) the addressee address


2. customers need to use our client's print address label, otherwise it may lead to delay.


3. the information on the declaration form must be true and detailed. If the declaration is not true or the declaration is too general, it may lead to the delay of customs clearance.

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投诉电话:158 8941 3078

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