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Service Introduction

UPS Express (UPS Express) was founded in 1907 as a messenger company in Seattle, Washington. It is a global company. Its trademark is one of the most famous and worthy trademarks in the world.

As the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company, it is also a leading provider of transport, logistics, capital and e-commerce services.

UPS Express has a wide range of coverage, strong ability to clear customs and fast time. It is suitable for transporting high value and high requirements. With tracking number, it can be tracked all the way.

Price and fuel cost

The price of 1.UPS can directly query the letter on the official website of logistics

Shenzhen HUAHAN International Freight Forwarders Ltd.

2. remote surcharge: RMB 3.5/KG* (1+ fuel oil), the lowest one receive RMB 171* (1+ fuel of the month).

3. change the cost of the address: 100HKD/, and the actual UPS bill


Tariff and customs clearance expenses

1. specific customs clearance fees shall prevail (usually declare high value of the tariff is relatively high, if the declared value is too low, than the actual value will produce relatively high tariffs, if the consignee refuses tariffs, tariffs will be automatically changed to the sender payment from the sender account fee will be deducted)

2. it is suggested that the actual declaration value of the goods should be declared in order to avoid high tariff and fine.


Reference prescription

Reference time: 2 - 5 working days. The delivery prescription is available to the addressee to receive this express.

In the event of irresistible factors such as customs inspection, the delivery limitation is subject to the conduct of customs.


Volume weight limit

1.UPS's volume weight calculation formula is: long cm X wide cm X high cm /6000, single piece charging.

2. of the goods below 2. must be added to each piece: (the following is the repeated charge, as long as it meets the charging conditions, the cumulative charge will be added).

Have irregular goods;

Have a carton packaging;

Have the longest side exceeding 152CM;

Have second long side more than 76CM;

Have a single real weight more than 32KG.

3. of the goods below 3. must be added to each piece: (the following is the repeated charge, as long as it meets the charging conditions, the cumulative charge will be added).

Have the longest side exceeding 270CM;

Two short edges were added up to *2 long side more than 330CM (but not more than 419CM to add a 388 yuan each);

Have a single real weight more than 69KG.

The addition of 40 and 388 of the above is to repeat the charge.


Item restriction

No mail

Imitation brand fake brand goods, spray container, alcoholic liquor, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxic and corrosive goods, counterfeit goods, medicines, dry ice, inflammable and explosive materials, obscene goods, more than the standard items, magnetic oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, dissolved paint and other legal coatings, prohibit local mail items

Limit posting items

Batteries, batteries, emergency medical and scientific research drugs, firearms, live animals, non standard magnetic materials, perishable products, radioactive substances, vaccines, etc.
service after selling goods for a stated period

UPS tracking, please check on the UPS official website:


Compensation standard

1. samples per ticket for the maximum compensation does not exceed USD100.00/ tickets, each ticket does not exceed the maximum compensation data USD20.00/ ticket

2. as a result of the postal parcel lost by the customs inspection, the customs will open up the parcel post inspection when passing the customs, which may lead to the loss of the parcel, the loss of all the goods in the parcel, or the seizure of it by the customs. We are not responsible for any of the responsibilities arising therefrom.

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投诉电话:158 8941 3078

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